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All About Daddy

My husband is probably one of my most favorite writing topics. He has come to expect cards, letters, and even emails on a regular basis from me since I love to express how he makes me feel and I love to write about my love for him. I think I’m pretty lucky to have married such a cute, smart, funny, (insert awesome adjective) here kind of guy.

One thing about my husband is that he is so much fun to be around and I knew that when we had our first child, they would be the best of friends. He already can’t wait to get up and watch Saturday morning cartoons with baby Aiden, though I insist that he will only be allowed very limited television time when he is older.
Jay loves coming home and taking Aiden right in his arms. He is very hands on with diaper changes, bath time, burping after feedings, and every way he can possibly contribute to take care of the baby. I have to admit that I didn’t expect him to be so natural and comfortable handling the baby, but he surprised me! The first week and a half of my recovery was so difficult; I could not get out of bed or even pick Aiden up by myself… Jay just took charge and really got us through that time. I truly could not imagine doing it without him. I learned to love him in a whole new way since then.

The greatest change I have seen in him has been his protectiveness of the baby and me. He seems more alert, more on guard almost and I think it’s really sweet. It really feels like the three of us are a unit now and Jay has been such a huge part of making that happen. He is also very supportive and on board with the decision to breastfeed our baby. That has meant so much because since we both come from families where we were not breastfed and the support isn’t there in many ways. When I have my mother or mother-in-law say something like “Oh my God, you are out of formula, we have to go buy some right away.” My awesome husband will come in and say “No, we don’t there is plenty of milk right here with Mommy.” It’s nice to know that he and I are on the same page and we are a team. Team Aiden!