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Nursing: Why Can’t It Be an Exact Science?

There are many exacts in life.

Exactly how much flour you need to bake a cake.

Exactly how many feet there are in a yard.

Exactly how many hours there are in a day.

But when it comes to nursing there are no exacts.

In the beginning, it was challenging because I wanted to know exactly how much milk my baby was getting.

To be able to tell exactly how long she needed to nurse to get that amount.

To be able to know exactly when she’d drank enough to be able to gain the proper weight she needed to gain.

My mind would play tricks on me and I’d wonder if any milk was even coming out. I’d look down at her and she was definitely eating. Or was she? I’d feel the let down, but then I’d wonder if I’d imagined it.

I know this probably sounds a bit neurotic. Okay, a lot neurotic.

But I wasn’t just a new mom. I was a self-proclaimed control freak new mom. One that desperately wished my baby had come with a manual that listed her exact needs. (Again, why don’t they come with instructions? Would be a lot easier?)

But over time I learned that nursing is about instincts. Just like being a mom is about instincts. And about trusting that you know what you’re doing.