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A WONDER-ful Halloween

Halloween is a big deal in our household.

My wife and I love doing “family costumes;” the bigger, the better!

Last year, we were Chilean coal miners, and our dog was a canary. We’re funny, no?

The year before, we were Newlyweds – she wore a wedding gown and carried a knife, while I had a stab wound.

We’ve even been part of a massive Ghostbusters group costume, too. She was a Ghostbuster, I was the epic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

So our daughter is being born into some heavy tradition.

Her first Halloween was ridiculously cute.  Her daycare had an adorable costume parade, where all the kiddos  came dressed as EVERYTHING imaginable.

Our daughter stole the show.

I have a bit of a superhero thing; I can’t even count the number of times I’ve dressed as Superman for costume parties!

We thought it would be awesome for her to be a superhero for Halloween, but there really aren’t a ton of pre-made costumes for infants, let alone licensed ones.

So we got creative.

A friend got Hava a Wonder Woman onesie that we’ve saved for this occasion.

From there, my wife took over. She went to a fabric store and bought materials to make a blue skirt, a gold headband and silver bracelets, plus ribbon for a Lasso of Truth.

Yeah, we went a bit all out.

Toss in some red socks and our little girl made quite the little super-heroine.

If we have one regret, it’s that she was SO cute, that the bar has now been set that high for every Halloween yet to come.

While the addition of our little baby added the cute factor to Halloween this year, it also was somewhat bittersweet. Halloween was always a night to go out and get a little wild. When we lived downtown, we would walk from party to party and stumble home after an evening of adventures.

This year was much quieter. We stayed at home on the Saturday night reserved for celebrating. And on October 31st, I was teaching a class at a local university, so there wasn’t much tricking or treating for us this year.

But it’ll only be a few more years until she goes out collecting candy that we get to eat, right?