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My Husband, My Hero

My husband and I had a whirlwind romance. It was not even seven months from the day we met till the day we married. We knew within moments of meeting that we would spend the rest of our lives together. Since Sammy's birth we have grown closer than ever as we joyfully watch our creation grow into an amazing little boy. We have learned a lot about each other as we grow into our roles as new parents. Through every turn my husband has consistently been my biggest supporter.

My husband's job keeps him busy 24/7. He's a hospital doctor, and when on call he has to be devoted to patient care. When he is off the clock, we have the incredible luxury of spending days together as a family, or even better, he'll take Sammy and give me the day off! But I always struggle with timing. Should I wait to go out until after Sammy's next feeding or should I just go out and pump when I get home? Will my milk supply falter because of a late or missed feeding? Will Sammy take a bottle if I'm not there? Will I be marked in the Worst Mothers Hall of Fame? Sammy might be a bit annoyed at having a bottle instead of my breast for his meal, but my milk supply has never failed me regardless of my scheduling. And one thing is for sure, I will not be in the Worst Mothers Hall of Fame. The truth is, I am a good mother to Sammy because of the tremendous support of my husband. Without fail, whether he is on call or off, my husband constantly tells me how happy he is to know that Sammy has such a good mom. He tells me that I'm doing a great job. He believes in me and so I believe in myself.

We marvel at the strength of single mothers and applaud their courage. Every day, my husband and I feel blessed to have each other, and we feel glad that Sammy has a team raising him that not only love him, but love each other very much. Raising your first child is no time to deal with issues that can challenge a relationship, but if you can deal with the issues that having a new child will throw you, your relationship can become so strong and sturdy. When we got married, my husband and I knew each other for not very long. In the nearly three years since our wedding we have come to have such trust, respect and admiration for each other. I know that he will be by my side every day. He knows that I will encourage and support him no matter what he does.

But don't get me wrong: all of these lovey dovey feelings should not mislead you. My husband and I have our fair share of arguments and disagreements, but it is our belief in each other and in our relationship that grounds us to work through those disagreements. Avoiding issues in your relationship can lead to resentment and difficult feelings towards your spouse and, I fear, your child. Talking things through will make you feel a family.

I want to take a moment, right here, to thank my husband. Thank you for encouraging me to go out when I haven't left the apartment in three days. Thank you for suggesting I pump so you could give Sammy a bottle so that I can have a break. Thank you for loving, supporting, encouraging and believing in me. You are my best friend, my helper, my love.