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Stylish, comfortable and incredibly functional nursing bras? Absolutely! At Bravado Designs, we pride ourselves on our range of groundbreaking nursing bras. Designed for women, by women. In fact, designing maternity and nursing bras on a foundation of comfort and style is the only thing we do. Which is why moms have trusted us as experts in design for over 25 years.

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Moms are our toughest critics and we love it

Unlike stretch marks, our award-winning bras don't come into being overnight. In fact, we rigorously test all of our nursing bras with the help of hundreds of pregnant and nursing moms.

Only the best, most comfortable, on-trend and boob-friendly bras survive. No troublesome snaps. No unflattering curves. No feedback left unconsidered. No exceptions.

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Meal Planning Tips for the New Breastfeeding Mom

New moms are busy, and finding time to fit in nourishing meals can be a challenge. That said, as a new mom, I always rely on a simple analogy to remember just how important it is to refuel yourself first and foremost - I think of the pre-flight instructions that...

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Two Nutrition Tips for the New Breastfeeding Mom

Let’s face it - breastfeeding and pumping are tough work! Breastfeeding alone burns about 300-500 calories per day, which can leave mama feeling famished. As a new mother to a six-month-old, exclusively breastfed baby girl, I know this to be true. Since she’s been born, I’ve been hungrier than ever...

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